Rainwater Harvesting

At Waterwise Solutions, we were amongst the first contractors to design and install rainwater harvesting systems for irrigation.

In theory, the principle is simple. Rain water is collected and held in an underground tank. This is then used for irrigating your landscape or sports turf.

However, in practice, there are many issues that affect the design and use of the system.

One of the key elements is the amount of water that will be stored. This should be based on the amount of water the irrigation system will be applying. Too often, the amount of water stored is too little to be of any practical use.

For instance, a typical watering system will be designed to apply 1" of water per week, which equates to 3.63mm of water per day for 7 days.

To apply 1mm to 1m of lawn will take 1 litre, so, if your garden is 1000m to apply 3.63mm will take 3630 litres. This is the highest amount of water that you would apply in the height of the summer.

Bear in mind that you will be using the irrigation system when it has not been raining, so you will need to store at least 1 weeks water use. In our case, this would be just over 25000 litres as a minimum.

However, we have found that typical rainwater tanks only hold 1-5000 litres.

So, please contact us to discuss your design requirements at an early stage.